These days you can take amazing aerial videos with the help of drones. You don’t need a whole crew to help you with a video shoot. You get really sophisticated ones with great features. But before you go and buy a drone for yourself read some of our tips. You could also have a look at They have a good collection of some professional drones.



  • The one thing you should always remember is to learn all the rules that apply. Make sure that you are not inside the stipulated 3 miles of an airport as per FAA guidelines. And do not let your drone go more than 400 feet above the ground. Also check your state laws.
  • It would help you if you join a drone club or community. You would get varied ideas and would know better about any rules that might apply.
  • Try and start small so that you can practice without too much of an investment. Once you get comfortable and are confident that you won’t be crashing anymore; you can then go in for better and more expensive models with more features.
  • Also always consider the weather conditions before you start your shoots. Test them ahead so you know your flight time and battery life. You need your drone to get back to you after the shots. If you are shooting outdoors away from your home or studios; make sure you have battery backups or a way to recharge them. You need to be totally familiar with your gear and any limitations they have. Only then will you be able to shoot in unknown and unpredictable areas or conditions.
  • Always consider safety. Do not fly over a large group of people unless you are very confident about your skills and have had good experience.

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