When a person is differently abled, even the most normal things – one which most people wouldn’t give a second thought to, seems like a humongous task. Infact, this is why there are companies such as imedmobility which create various kinds of mobility equipment, to help people who are in a wheelchair lead more normal lives are in demand.

imed mobility

The different kinds of mobility equipment which are available on imedmobilityand similar sites are :

  1. Walking sticks – these are the most basic of all kinds of mobility equipment. These are simple when it comes to use and they come in different forms. These are available in wood, metal and other material. There are categorizations based on the grip as well. This helps you with balance and it allows the arm to take off some of the weight from the leg.
  2. The second most common kind of mobility equipment offered by imed mobilityand similar sites are crutches. These are again divided into two different types. There are axillary ones which have the crutch going under the armpit. There are the elbow versions which gives the person using it more control.
  3. Frames and rollators are equipment which are meant for people who are unable to walk or walk with difficulty. These have a basic model where it needs to be lifted and moved forward when walking. Rollators on the other hand are equipped with wheels. There are those that have 4 wheels and there are those that have just 2 wheels. The type which is used is dependent on how stable the person will be when they are using it.
  4. Wheelchairs come in various varieties and versions. These have different designs as well as colors and people even get to customize them. There are even versions which are available when the person wants to play sports or there are versions which are powered by electricity.