The vibration machinesare used to get the various health benefits for body. People can use these machines for weight loss, muscle building, detoxifying the body, joint pain reduction and many more health benefits. Various kinds of machines are available in the market that you can use to get these health benefits.

Many people are using these machines to stay healthy and fit. If you also want to use these machines, you can choose the Sonic, Spiral, Oscillating, Tri-Planar, Linear and Pivotal vibration machines from there are some medical conditions when people should not use these machines.

During the pregnancy:

The pregnant women should not use these vibration machines because it can be harmful for the foetus. The doctors also recommend you to avoid the use of these machines.


Any brain injury:

The people, who are currently facing any brain injury or have any history of such injury, should avoid the use of these machines. You can also consult any expert doctor to use these machines.

Any spinal injury:

If you are suffering from any spinal injury or have history of such injury, you should be careful to use these machines. There are some specific machines that you can usein these cases.

The serious heart condition:

The people, who have the serious heart condition, should avoid the use of these machines. If you want to use these machines, you can only use the low frequency machines after consulting the doctor. The high frequency machines can be harmful for these patients.

So these are some physical conditions when you should avoid the use of KnockYourVibe machines. If these patients still need to use the vibration machines, they can consult the doctor or any health specialist. It is essential to choose the perfect machine for different health conditions.