Hanging from Burj Khalifa or fighting a ‘Mummy,’55-year-old actor Tom Cruise knows everything how to woo his audience. TV director, screenwriter, producer, actor; he is a one man army with a net worth of more than $550 million. With major blockbuster movies under his name, he really showed his worth by generating a huge ‘worth’ via silver screen.

Here are few of his achievements and what he has earned until now.


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Celebritynetworth of Tom Cruise

  1. Starring in Hollywood for more than 36 years, Tom Cruise began his journey with the movie,Taps. This movie gave his first earning of $50,000. However, Risky Business was the big break for him.
  2. The years 1986 and 1989 provided to be golden years for him. He earned $356 million for his movie Top Gun at aworldwide level and won 4 Academy Awards for Rain Man .
  3. Aftersimultaneous hits there came Mission: Impossible which broke every record of his. With successful sequels to this movie (2 in this context), $457 million was the gross amount collected worldwide.
  4. Tom also is fascinated to make investments in various areas. One such area is his purchase of his New York condo. The estimated sale amount of this condo gave him an amount somewhere around $3,000,000.
  5. His investment did not stop there. With investment in estates in Telluride and a grand mansion in Beverly Hills in 2016, his total earning from these2 assets is $59, 490, 000.
  6. Again, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation cannot be skipped, as the earning from this movie was around $25,000,000
  7. Considering all the movies that he starred, going through websites like celebrity net worth one can find more than 20 of his movies which in totality collected $100+ million worldwide.

There are trusted celeb websites which have more of such financial details about him. When it comes to this charming actor, age is just a number and $550 million a milestone for Tom cruise.